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UC Athlete Eric Lefeld serves with the Lord's Gym

Lefeld has been heavily involved with UC's Cats in the Community program, spending time at various community events, including the Forest Hill 5k and Playdate with the Bearcats in support of Mitch's Mission and also served food to the less fortunate at The Lord's Gym in downtown Cincinnati. || Read the Full Article

The Lord's Gym Partners with The Flying Pig Marathon

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is partnering again with the Lord’s Gym for a "Pump & Run" fundraising event designed for runners, cross trainers, and weight lifters. || Read the Full Article

Long Process leads to building of City Gospel Mission Building

The new campus will provide 74 emergency beds and 36 transitional housing beds, an on-site Lord's Gym, JobsPlus Employment Network and space to host programs. It will also feature a Deaconess Health Check center to provide primary care services to people at the site. The campus is expected to employ more caseworkers to assist people in need. || Read the Full Article

The Lord's Gym partner City Gospel Mission begins construction on new homeless rehab campus

CINCINNATICity Gospel Mission kicked off construction on its new 40,500-square-foot campus at 1805 Dalton Ave....Once completed, the City Gospel Mission campus will provide 74 emergency beds, 36 transitional housing beds, a Lord’s Gym and JobsPlus Employment Network on campus, a Deaconess Health Check clinic, and an increase in space, programming, and number of caseworkers, providing better opportunity to move the homeless into homes. || Read the Full Article


The Haiti Connection

FOCAS Ministires is an active partner for the Haiti Connection. || Read the Full Article

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