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Covington Gym Seeks to Build Bodies & Souls

The Lord's Gym has a new location at 811 Madison Avenue, where a boxing training facility called Shamrocks previously operated....It's more than just strength training. "It's spiritual enrichment, a lot of life coaching," said Larry Spellman, a chaplain at the gym. || Read the Full Article


"There's nothing we have we don't beg for; we don't create anything yet," said the Rev. Octamoliere Liberius, 68, a Haitian minister from Port-au-Prince who has worked 25 years with Over-the-Rhine's FOCAS ministries. || Read the Full Article

Locals still lend big hand to Haiti

FOCAS Christian ministries, of Over-the-Rhine, helped to rebuild a school in rural Calebasse - east of Port-au-Prince - that it originally built in 1993. || Read the Full Article

The Lord's Gym contributing to a better community since the race riots

Dothard was on the front lines of the unrest. His Lord's Gym sat directly across Race Street from the major battle line between police and protesters. He's seen improvement since then, but says not everyone agrees with him. "Talking with a lot of people, there's a lot of mixed feelings, lot of mixed feelings. A lot of people feel like it's changed and a lot of people don't feel like it's changed." || Read the Full Article

UC Fraternity’s Summer Trip to Haiti Is a Life-Changing Experience

Planning for this trip had begun during the fall quarter, and fund raising efforts began almost immediately following the finalized plans of who would be making the trek in our third mission trip to Haiti in two years. Our trips were coordinated by active Sigma Chi brother, Ben Hoyer, and Dick Taylor of FOCAS Ministries. || Read the Full Article

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