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Ella's Story Part 2

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Guest blogger Stephanie Schneider

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In our last blog post, Scott Bowers mentioned encountering a woman, Ella, and the beginning of her journey to recovery. Though I had not met her when Scott drafted his post, Ella would soon impact my life. I was unexpectedly called to assist her in getting treatment for a health issue, and though I usually just sit behind a desk. I was happy to be called into action and be able to serve!


Ella was persistent in wanting to enroll in a detoxification program, but needed to be cleared by a doctor before she could participate. Forming a trusting relationship with our Chaplin Brandon, Ella promised Brandon that she would go to the doctor with him, so he and I arranged to provide transportation.


When we picked her up, Ella looked unwell and hurting. Despite how she may have been feeling at that time, she was very kind to me and Brandon. We discussed her children and it was very obvious how much she cared for them. I noticed she was wearing a pretty purple earring in one ear, and when I mentioned it to her she smiled, showing me her other ear and explaining that she had two different colors, one for her birthstone and the other her daughter’s.


I called around to local clinics and found that the Elm Street Health Center would be able to see Ella right away. The health center is a great facility with lots of great resources, so we headed there. The staff was very kind and seemed to be willing to do anything so that Ella could be seen.


As we went to fill out the paperwork, Ella started looking at brochures to give to her friend, who is expecting a child. When she came back, we tried to encourage her to complete the paperwork. However, it was obvious that she just wasn’t comfortable there. We instead took Ella to a hospital that she was familiar with. She was seen there and has been successfully enrolled in the detox program.


The very next day, I went to serve with Brandon in our street outreach ministry bus. I immediately began feeling ill and then had indescribable pain which I later found out was being caused by a kidney stone. Thankfully, our kind chaplains made sure I got to the hospital and even continued checking up on me later in the day.


It was a reminder that we all need help. At certain points in our lives, we all need someone to help us through something that we just can’t handle on our own. Ella handled her situation much better than mine. Though she was also unwell, she took the time to care about her friends and think about her children.


I’m so glad that Ella is persistent in changing her life and not afraid to reach out for help when she needs it. She reminds me that I should lean on others when I need to, but I also need to be ready to be leaned upon because we all need help at some point in our lives.

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