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Chaplain Brandon Welch

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Jesus responded to them, “My Father is still working, and I am working also.” John 5:17

I had an experience that changed the way I saw God working in and around me every day. As this verse says, the Father and the Son are working, they are working in our lives and the lives of all those around us.

I have found myself at times only giving credit to God in times when His work is manifested outwardly in obvious ways; individuals getting saved, getting delivered of drug addiction, being baptized, etc. I am learning to see God daily in the most horrific of situations and in the greatest successes and everything in between.

This transformation was initiated by one of the most gruesome things I have ever witnessed while out on our Search and Rescue bus that we take out twice a week to minister to those trapped in human trafficking and drug addiction, it was in this moment of heartache that God opened my eyes.

WARNING: This next portion will be graphic.

As she used a straw to tear open her skin of her arm which had more open flesh than skin, dripping blood, she explains that she does this because it’s the only thing that will keep her from thinking of traumatic events that has occurred in her life, she tells us a few.

Then she breaks down crying and says, “Thank you guys. I would end if it wasn’t for you all, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves me because of you all. I know I am not forgotten because of you all.”

That is the God we serve. He is there for us at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and everything in between. Even at her lowest point of life, God is present; extending love, hope, and grace.

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