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Gunned down at 14: 'How things work out sometimes'?

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Cameron was 14.

He was a son. He was a friend.

He was just a kid, gunned down, no chance to really live his life.

It was an incident that shook the Price Hill community just a while ago.

Everyone knew him,” said his cousin Alan. “He was a good kid. It shouldn’t have happened. No one deserves to die that young.

But, things are different in Price Hill,” Alan said with a blank stare. “This is how things workout sometimes.”

That’s a chilling statement from a young man just four years older than Cameron. That statement, however, is proof that something has to change. The change must come now.

Lord’s Gym Chaplain, Brandon, met Cameron three years ago. He and his two brothers came to the gym several times a week.

We built a friendship with him,” Brandon said. “When I found out it was Cameron who was shot my heart broke. I couldn’t believe this young man who had his whole life in front of him was taken from him.”

Tragedies like this, however, Brandon said, “affirms in my heart our purpose to continue reaching out to the young people of Price Hill.”

The community, the students, the parents need places like the Lord’s Gym where they can have positive role models who speak hope and life into these young people’s lives.”

It can be a daunting task when reading or watching the news as events like this unfold. Still, Lord’s Gym is there with its doors open because there must be change. There must be change before any other life is lost. The time for change is now. You are that change.

Be the bold force that reaches into this community to share the love of God… to share a hope that speaks life. We need you. Price Hill needs you now. Visit

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