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Director of Operations Tom Lipsey


I first met James Beach at the Covington Lord’s Gym in the Spring. He was a rather tall, lanky, well-mannered gentleman who frequented our facility.


It seemed like life had not always been kind to him, yet he was determined to be kind to others. God had touched his life.


Whenever I saw him, he seemed to be working and was always focused on the task at hand, determined to do excellent work. James painted the floor of our new facility with a gray non-slip paint that had colorful specks in it – and quite frankly it looked really sharp, crisp and fresh.


Deciding to purchase my own home in Price Hill to be near the people I serve, I ended up buying a 1915 house that had recently been flipped (remodeled for higher selling price). The only place that needed attention was the musty battered basement. I knew who I wanted to paint it because I had seen his excellent work – James Beach.


After hiring him, I had the privilege of picking James up each morning in Covington and driving him to Price Hill where I lived. Today I can honestly say that James Beach has helped change my life.


During our time together I learned that James hit the streets at age 13 when he was dismissed from his family home by his prostitute mom and alcoholic dad. For the next 30 years James was on and off the streets a victim of homelessness, in and out of jail as a breaker of the law, and on drugs. His life was about as low as you could go until one day he dropped into the Lord’s Gym and our chaplain told him he saw something in him.


No one had ever said that to James in a positive way. Those words helped change his life. Over time James saw himself the way God in Christ sees him – as precious to Him.


James studied the faith with us and gave his life to Christ, Who lived and died to pay for his sins and give him the gift of salvation. So, this is the James I got to see serving at my house as my hired painter.


James literally schooled me during the next week of working for and with me as he showed me what a transformed heart and life look like. I have not seen anyone work as hard as he did in a long time. His work was excellent. And my basement is beautiful – a powerful reminder of how God takes the not so pretty and makes a masterpiece of us.


James schooled me about life on the streets, life in prison and life on drugs. And the shining Truth through it all was the amazing conversion that happened to him through Christ.


James is an amazing man who knows and now lives the Gospel. The passion of his life is to help his other homeless street friends now find the higher way of living that God offers us through Christ.


I can honestly say, I am very enriched having met James. Thanks be to God for His amazing grace. Thank you for your support of our mission and ministry to the hurting folks of the Greater Cincinnati area. May many more be won over in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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