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Making home ownership a reachable goal for our friends

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There’s a two-bedroom brick ranch in Roselawn that has been “such a blessing.”


Lord’s Gym Chaplain Steve Peterson speaks with pride when he talks about his home – the first he’s ever owned.


“It’s a comfortable place,” he said. “I’m hoping it’s my last stop. I’m pretty sure she’s going to last another 30 or 40 years.”


Steve purchased his home in 2015.


“There’s a lot I like about owning my own home,” he said. “I guess I like best the freedom of being able to do what I want, how I want to my space. It’s also brought me more stability.”


This sense of pride and stability are the foundation of Lord’s Gym Ministries Home Ownership Initiative.


"Home ownership offers stabilization, security and a sense of pride," Senior Project Manager Bob Clarke, who’s heading the project said. "This initiative will allow the Lords Gym to work close with our friends and mentor them through the process - building relationship."


So far, about 20 individuals or families are in the program.


The goal, Bob said, is to work with these individuals and families and help them set a goal and plan out how to stay on task so that they can reach that goal.


“This helps people stay more focused,” he said. “It also issues some accountability.”


Best of all, “it opens the door to general life coaching.”


The process, Bob said, will take time.


“A lot of the guys we work with haven’t had the benefits we have had growing up, like a family that encourages home ownership or knows about home ownership,” Bob said. “So, we’ll be providing insight on what it means to own a home, how to go about it and how to care for it.”


Bob said it’s all about building a relationship like a family.


“In that context, I can share from my own experiences to a friend and they can understand why home ownership is a helpful investment, how it can provide stabilization and a sense pride and fun.”

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