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Power in What We Say....(Part 1)

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Many years ago I shared what I thought was an encouraging incident in my life with a group of rowdy youth...most of them in the 8 year old range. As I was didn't seem to me that the young boys sitting in the Lord's Gym were paying attention to what I was saying and there wasn't much response.  They seemed much more interested in the pizza that was soon to be served.

I was shocked when three years later I was talking with some older youth in that same room. One of them brought up the story I had shared years before just as he had heard it when he was eight waiting for his piece of pizza. So three years later my little story re-emerged to encourage that older group.

Sometimes we have no idea how what we say or do is being received.  Even when we are directing our conversation to one specific person...others around may be soaking in what is said to their betterment or detriment. We may see no immediate result but the thoughts spoken may stick with them for years. Words are powerful. May we choose them wisely.


Bob Clarke - Director of Ministry Operations


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