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Consider this question as it pertains to the placement of the idea of future.  Where is your future?  Often, when asked this question, the answer is given from a perspective that is limited by circumstantial evidence beyond personal control and is viewed as separate from the individual and is viewed as in a distant place. 

Never confuse explaining the details of your future with where the future is.  Perspective is defined as a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. Perspective is the result of what is believed in the mind and becomes the reality of a life lived. When speaking of your future, it is inherently a projection of thought formed into ideas, explained through words from within you. 

If I ask you, what are your plans for the future? You would give an explanation that projects something separate from your present state of being thus defining your future as separate from where you are. The future comes from within the individual and is wherever the individual goes. It is good to have hope for a future that is greater than present circumstances. It is important to know that hope exists in the future as a projection of a vision from within you.

Think about this statement, the future of an apple seed is to become an apple tree, even though the seed itself is a by-product of the circumstances surrounding it, (i.e. dirt, water, sunlight, compost) but it’s potential to become more, is not.  The seeds future is trapped within itself.  Circumstances have influence on the development of the seed but they do not determine the nature of what’s inside the seed nor the location of what’s inside the tree. Wherever the seed is, the tree is always their inside of the seed. This is called the principle of potential. 

Everything created by God, carries the fruit of life, and is already packed with the fullness of life.  Every seed is full of what it will ever be. Every baby is full of the material to produce a grown male/female, and you have something lying dormant on the inside that is bigger than your present physical circumstances.  Don’t allow your mind to receive the limitations that hardship seeks to place on you. Instead, place limitations on hardship by thinking out of the limitless potential you possess.  Previously I said, “Circumstances do not determine the nature of the seed.”  This is important to know because inherency of a thing, is the nature of a thing, therefore is inseparable from itself. 

Your nature can be seen through the expression of instinctive response to external circumstances.   We are creatures of reason therefore understanding self in nature, is illuminated by understanding the nature of source.  The strength of a power cord is only as affective as the source it’s plugged into.  If stronger light is needed, a deeper connection into the source is required. I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, then you will produce much fruit. Without me, you can’t do anything.  John 15:5

No one else can think for you. You are unique, an original, and a one-of-a-kind.  Take responsibility of your mind and decide to access the vast resources from within.  You are equipped with everything necessary to manifest something great in your lifetime.  Don’t waste it on self-defeating thoughts because your future depends on it!  Time is not the servant of procrastination however choices and actions can be.  Don’t waste this season of life on doubt, fear and unbelief. Instead seek to maximize the God given limitless potential within.  God established eternity within you when He spoke your name throughout the heavens.

Kevin Johnson – Chaplain Covington Lord’s Gym

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